2020 Male Vocalist Silver ISSA

A Bit About Brian Hedges

Brian Hedges is an independent Singer/Songwriter/Publisher/Producer/Record label Head in the music industry.
Also experienced in Artist Management, Artist Development, Public Relations and Publicity for a number of clients and companies including,  DreamWalker Productions, Monroe Enterprises and the Bill Monroe Bluegrass Festival, Nash Management, Golden Antelope Productions, The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, The Country Music Foundation, Dick Clark Productions, NASCAR, Ford Motor Corporation, Chevy Trucks and Daimler Chrysler Corporation

Brian's Roots..

Brian Hedges was born in Enid, Oklahoma. Brian spent most of his childhood on the family farm located between Enid and Fairmont Oklahoma. It's apparent in some of his songs Brian knew what it took helping out on the farm. With his Dad, Mom, a brother and a sister he lived the, sometimes pretty tough, life of a farmer.

Brian considers himself a songwriter primarily, even though he can sing up a storm when prodded. He began making up songs at a very young age. But it wasn't till he was about 12 when he began putting a melody to his lyrics.

Brian says Elvis Presley influenced his love for music and his writing. But at the age of 10-11 he discovered songwriters and he knew that was going to be his passion!

Brian left the family farm at about 22. He now lives with his beautiful bride Debbie at the foot of the Smoky Mountains in Knoxville, Tennessee.

In recent months Brian's popularity has surged with the infusion of his music into social media and as seen on the Music & Videos page here two of his favorites have been transformed into videos.

Brian is still creating new music. He hopes to enter the television and movie industry with his music.

His soulful, bluesy, country sound blends easily into the soundtrack of America.



The Lyrics, The Music

Brian started writing in the early 1970's. Brian says the first song with music and structure of any kind was called I'll Remember You...

And from that time...the musical river began to flow.

The picture above shows a few of the early drafts of some of his and his fan's favorites...

Please be sure to click on the Music & Videos tab, there you will find Brian's latest videos and you can listen to Brian's numerous country, folk, and true Americana songs.